When your kids make up their own activity

I had no intention for the boys to shred the polystyrene strawberry box. But at some point while I was cooking dinner that was exactly what they started doing.

And they had SO MUCH FUN!!!

They pulled it and poked it with their fingers, they tried scissors and pencils on it, they jumped up and down on it and smooshed through the pieces.

And I let them.

Yes, it made some mess. No, it wasn’t much fun to clean up because the itty bitty bits kind of static to things and kind of float around so it’s not the easiest thing to sweep. And I was slightly worried that Elly might start trying to eat it (he didn’t). But I did have help with the clean up. And they learned and experienced.

And I cooked peacefully with not one interruption throughout.


8 thoughts on “When your kids make up their own activity

  1. Wow! Can’t imagine clean up! I’ve spilt polystyrene bean bag balls on the floor before and they totally climb and run on their own accord! They went everywhere !! πŸ˜‚ guess it was worth it for peaceful cooking though !! πŸ˜‰


      1. My sons nursery told us about it in a news letter. It’s to encourage kids to play with everyday object (can look like rubbish). It can be anything from toilet rolls to a paint roller, saucepans or pine cones.


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