Clothes peg play

This is one for the little people: a short, simple activity that gets them practicing their fine motor skills, pincer grip and hand-eye coordination. It’s mess free and can easily be left out for them to find and play with at will across the span of a day.

You need:
1. Clothes pegs (ones that can be worked by little fingers easily enough to ward off frustration caused by them being too hard to press open)
2. Something to pin them on (we used a colander, a cardboard box or similar would work just as well)

Elly had as much fun taking the pegs off the colander and putting them in and out of it as he did pegging them around it in the first place.


4 thoughts on “Clothes peg play

  1. I made a turkey toy once with clothespins for American thanksgiving. (Currently stored away with seasonal items.) I painted the clothespins colors, green, red, blue, yellow and orange, and then painted matching colors on the cardboard turkey. That way the child matched the colors with the clothespins. A way to kinda make this activity for slightly older children too.

    But may have to use this plainer version in a few months. My little master grabber might like it and it would be easy and simple and able to travel well.

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