Welcome to Slow Days, Small Feet.

My name is Jo and I’m a stay at home mum to two beautiful, aggravating, challenging, precious and oh-so-hungry boys: Zephaniah Isen (born January 2014) and Ithelian Tallis (born June 2016).

Slow Days, Small Feet has been born out of our baby and toddler days. Days when everything is slow and small, when my children cannot do anything quickly (except perhaps run away from the thing I am asking them to do), and when the tasks are repetitive. Days which I never expected to have like this, but I chose and choose over again and again. Days when we play in the sun, dawdle along with nowhere we have to be and nothing we have to do, when we take the time to explore and discover and learn, when we seek out the goodness and kindness and love in us and around us.

Slow Days, Small Feet is about the way we play and grow, the fun and the tears, the frustrations and the learning. It’s about me trying to parent intentionally, engage actively and nurture empathically. It’s about knowing my self in the joy and mess and giving up of mothering. Because although the days are slow (and often repetitive and occasionally mind numbing), the years are fleeting.

Here you will find echoes of our daily lives, activities we love, activities we try and fail at and art we create.

Disclaimer: While I sometimes attempt to be supermum, I am not.

My house is a continual mess, I only wash-up properly once a day, you will certainly find more professionally crafted and executed activities elsewhere (I confess, I don’t even have craft aprons for them, we just use old clothes that get thrown in the wash after), and I am impatient more often than I like. I would love to be a sugar-free all organic momma from our food and hygiene products to cleaning products and clothes; I would love to personally make all the beautiful and useful items for our house that you can think of. But I am not. And I don’t. And that is ok.


More about me

I am British, but currently live in Suncheon, South Korea where my husband, Josh, is teaching English as a second language. We have spent a total of around 5 years here with a couple of interim periods back home. Both the boys were born here, and are full-time at home with me. We live on the nineteenth floor of an old apartment block at the edge of the city, squished into in a little old two room apartment.

In my free time (*chokes slightly), I like to game, create, sing, read, go to exciting and interesting places and now, apparently, blog.

I studied my BA in Theology and Biblical studies and completed an MSc in International development shortly after Elly was born.