Slowing down in the day to day

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that need doing. The places that need getting to. The tasks that need completing to coax each child into their corresponding clothes and shoes and out the door. And so easy to then get stressed when the schedule doesn’t run on time. When things are spilled or ripped or lost. When chaos is created in the 2 seconds after some kind of order was restored. And then everyone’s wellbeing becomes secondary to the task or the schedule. The doing overtakes the being.

But that’s not who we are.

That’s not how people are made.

So here are some ways that we slowed down on an everyday trip to the supermarket today. Ways, perhaps, of realising that while we sometimes have to be there now, it’s not always such a hurry. And when it’s not a hurry, we don’t have to hurry.

1. Take a short (or not so short) detour and walk through the park instead of down the road.

2. Look at/smell/pick the flowers.

3. Find a bench and sit down to have a snack together.

4. Look at the live seafood section for as long as the kids want.

6. Stop to throw rocks into the most ginormous muddy puddle.

7. Listen to the birds.

8. Watch the machines on the construction site.

9. Collect sticks and stones along the way.

Do you have ways of slowing down as an individual or a family? Let me know in the comments.

Feels like Spring in South Korea

The warmer weather seems to be coming! Sort of anyway. So what better activity than gardening! I wish wish wish we actually had a garden, of the outside space variety, but failing that we have a few pots that we make an attempt with.

Two years ago Zeph and I had some lovely tomato plants and some lettuce (How to get Zeph to eat lettuce? Grow it ourselves!) But with Elly’s arrival I didn’t manage to keep it up and our (reduced number of) pots have been sitting waiting to be used again.

Today we planted some flowers and lettuce seeds and we’ll see what comes of it.

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit

Zeph watched this the other day. Actually, he watched it across two days as he gets a limited amount of screen time per day.

Today he was asking me about the names of the man and the dog who caught rabbits in the thing he watched. Then he announced that he was Gromit and Elly and I were rabbits.

He made a long carrot out of duplo squares and used his doctor’s scalpel to cut it up. Meanwhile Elly and I had to go in the hutch (under the table, with the chair laid down on it’s back so that the seat made a door). And stay there.

Zeph proceeded to put all his carrot slices on a chopping (duplo) board, and scrape them into the hutch for us to eat.

Then he told me, ‘What a mess you’ve made Mummy Rabbit!’

It is bird? Is it a plane? Is it…..

I’m not sure what Elly thought he was up to this evening, but he commandeered Zeph’s mittens and Daddy’s toothbrush and he was practicing looking cute. He clearly didn’t want to be implicated.