Little kitchen helpers: Pomegranate

My boys love to help in the kitchen and I love to make as many opportunities for them to do it as I can. While it’s not always entirely convenient, while it can double (triple, maybe even quadruple) the workload, it’s a great way for them to explore and learn about food and cooking. I also think it’s a great way for them to contribute to the wellbeing of the household in a meaningful way.

Today we looked at pomegranates because Mummy was planning pomegranate and mackerel Bulgar wheat (recipe included at the end of the post because it’s amazing, quick and very simple. Elly agrees, though Zeph and Josh do not). First we looked at the outside and talked about how to cut them. Zeph noticed how the juice started to leak out as I cut, and then they got a piece each to look at and explore the inside of.

Zeph was perfectly certain that he didn’t want to try tasting pomegranate, and quickly noticed that touching the fruit was causing a cut on his finger to sting. He decided that he’d had quite enough after about 30 seconds! But this time round Elly spent longer on the activity: he happily poked, pulled and waved it around, ate some, wiped sticky juicy fingers all over his vest and then tried to run away before being cleaned. So all in all I judge that to be a half-successful activity.

To make pomegranate and mackerel bulgar wheat

Bulgar wheat (approx. 75g per person, or substitute with couscous)
Pomegranate (remove the arils from the rind and membrane so you’re just left with the red bits. I use 2-3 tablespoons per person, but it’s really to taste)
Tinned mackerel (1 tin per approx 4 servings)

Salsa to serve (optional)

Cook Bulgar wheat as per instructions on the packet (or just wash and boil until tender).
Add pomegranate, mackerel and olives.
Mix with mayonnaise.
Serve alone or with salsa.