What you might not know about going to the toilet

1. Going to the toilet alone is a privilege, not a right.

Your toddler will pursue you relentlessly to the very ends of the earth. Pursuing you to the toilet is child’s play. A closed door is no obstacle: hammering and tears should do the trick. As they get a little bigger, a locked door is no obstacle: if tears and hammering are asked very politely to ‘wait please’, then cunning application of a spoon to the outside of the lock will work.

2. Flushing the toilet is either unnecessary or a highly coveted honour.

Regardless of reminders, my firstborn would always neglect to flush the toilet. Until he noticed his little brother having fun doing the very same thing! Then tears and screams would ensue every time one or other of them attempted to reach the flush handle before the other.

3. If you are nearly four and your little brother wants to come into the bathroom with you, going to the toilet alone is NOT a privilege. It is a right.

My second born has been exceedingly distressed in the last few days to find that his brother pushes him out of the bathroom when he enters it citing a ‘need to be private!!!”