Remote control car-dozer

With Tequila rabbit currently in residence on our verandah (my messy activity area), we have been focusing on more home-friendly things to do. So here is another super-simple, mess-free activity with little to no preparation or clean up required: the remote control car-dozer.


We used a set of foam blocks to build towers, and a new-to-us remote control jeep to knock them down. Absolutely fantastic for my oldest, who is both a car-enthusiast, and whose favourite part of any activity is when there is a breaking it up bit! This activity also gets them practicing fine motor skills, honing hand-eye coordination and gives an opportunity to explore the properties of gravity.

You need:
Blocks (can be substituted with anything else stackable – paper cups are a good option, and recyclable)
Remote control… anything (could also be substituted with a ball, or bean bags for rolling/throwing)

Elly did some good stacking – he found the cube shaped blocks the easiest ones to work with, but was too impatient to wait for the jeep to knock things down, preferring to do it by hand. After the first time or two Zeph was more interested in directing Mummy which colours to use and in driving his jeep than in actually doing a lot of buildingĀ  – I encouraged a turn-taking approach, one block each: good for getting him to engage, doing things for himself, and also social cooperation. After a while he decided to try building a wall around his car to turn it into a ‘car volcano’ instead of building a tower.