Thoughts about a very slow winter

Winter was especially slow for us. We lived in our pjs at least half the time. With the cold, small children and rounds of sickness that seemed to keep hitting us each in turn, one after the other, we spent a lot of time at home.

We enjoyed our bit of snow of course.

And we haven’t been entirely secluded, but we haven’t been out so much, haven’t seen friends as much. I haven’t been baby-wearing Elly so much as we haven’t been walking long distances so often. We have woken up late with no hurry to go anywhere so we have read all the books between breakfast and brushing our teeth instead of just one or two. We have made tents under the blankets and sheets and read more books and imagined wild adventures. We have sung songs and learned sign words. We have cooked and baked and made and created.

On one hand I have felt very lazy, but that’s kind of what winter is about isn’t it?


Real rest. Stillness that comes from rest. Being, rather than the need to do or become.

So I’ll take our slow winter. But now we are ready for spring. Slow too, I expect, but maybe not quite so much. Maybe we can even get ourselves together and ready to leave the house before midday on occasion.

Daddy to the rescue

Sometimes I am exhausted. Sometimes my children are exhausting.

Today was one of those days.

I was stressed by my four year old acting like a four year old; my one year old acting like a one year old; the state of my house in general and my bathroom in particular which has desperately needed cleaning for I won’t tell you how long; by whether I am parenting my children well and making good decisions regarding how to respond to them; by whether I am spending enough time with each of them doing the important things; by… maybe everything and nothing.

In swooped Daddy and took them both off to softplay for three whole beautiful hours. I cleaned the house, sorted cupboards, cooked. Then I wondered why they were not back yet. While I did laundry I realised Daddy had taken them to eat dinner. And I was not exhausted. I had some time and some space.

Every Mummy needs someone to make sure she gets a break.

Every Mummy needs a hero.