Pipe cleaner cake

Here’s a simple mess-free, preparation free activity for chilly wintery days. Or other days. It’s great for practicing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

All you need are pipe cleaners and a colander to poke them into.

My 4 year old has done this before, though not recently. He was busy playing when Elly started this activity/insisted on taking a bag from the crafts box, but he was keen to get stuck in once he noticed and he spent longer on it than I had thought he would. He independently decided to sort the pipe cleaners by colour and arranged them accordingly too. He even asked for more pipe cleaners once he had used up all the ones Elly had taken out. He wanted to make it into a cake for Daddy.

Elly had a good go too, but needed help to get the pipe cleaners through the holes. As with most things, being only 19 months means his attention span is not very long so he wandered off pretty quickly.