Suncheon Expo Garden

We spent a lot of Spring and Autumn days happily wandering around Suncheon Garden last year and Zeph has been asking all winter about when we will go again. So today, along with a group of friends, was our first visit of the year. I’m not sure I would have braved the weather quite so soon if it hadn’t been suggested to us, but actually it was a great day!

We had gimbap picnic lunch and then took the Skycube monorail to Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve. It takes 10-15 minutes each way and is one of Zeph’s favourite things to do. At the Suncheon Bay end there’s a small traditional-style rest area with traditional Korean games available to play: Juldarigi (tug-of-war), bowl-a-hoop, Tuho (throwing sticks) and Jegichagi (like Hacky Sack).

Zeph of course headed straight to play in the gravel but did get round to trying some other things too. He found the hoops pretty frustrating at first and didn’t want to try anymore after the first go, but after a while he came back to it and developed his own special trick of rolling it and then catching it again on the stick. Elly was super quiet all day – he barely said a thing or made any noise at all – but he had lots of fun too, especially getting an ice-cream to himself because Zeph insisted they have one each instead of share.

There’s actually a lot more in the Expo Garden that we didn’t get around to today, but some of our friends had other stuff on and after all, as a first Spring trip out after a lazy mostly-at-home winter, it was probably enough for all of us. Elly was falling asleep even as I wrapped him in the baby wrap on the Skycube back, and Zeph was tired enough to ask to go home rather than play in the park with the friends who were still available. AND!!! Wonder of wonders, after almost a week of haywire, frustrating bedtimes with both of them being crazy and sleeping much too late, they are both now alseep!

Tonight I’m a happy Mummy.



Feels like Spring in South Korea

The warmer weather seems to be coming! Sort of anyway. So what better activity than gardening! I wish wish wish we actually had a garden, of the outside space variety, but failing that we have a few pots that we make an attempt with.

Two years ago Zeph and I had some lovely tomato plants and some lettuce (How to get Zeph to eat lettuce? Grow it ourselves!) But with Elly’s arrival I didn’t manage to keep it up and our (reduced number of) pots have been sitting waiting to be used again.

Today we planted some flowers and lettuce seeds and we’ll see what comes of it.